Products We Provide For Powersports Dealerships

At Performance Consulting Group, we aim to improve your dealership’s revenue and customer retention rates. We do this by continuously developing products and offering powersports consultations and other motorcycle ATV services.

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Extended Service Contract

Our comprehensive extended service contract programs are designed to help our clients achieve competitive pricing and operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Has the Broadest and Most Defined Exclusionary Coverage
  • Features Nationwide and Transferable Coverage
  • Includes Full Roadside Assistance (On-Road Units)
  • Can Be Sold on New and Used Units (Up to 12 Years Old)
  • Offers Zero Dollar Deductible

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

This represents the maximum loan over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) at the time of loan origination. Our team does not focus at the time of loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Underwritten by an AM Best A-Rated Company
  • Eligible on Installment and Revolving Loans
  • Does Not Require Full Coverage Insurance
  • Qualifies On-Road, Off-Road, and Watercraft Units
  • Covers Up to 84 Months (Restrictions Apply)
  • Covers Up to 120% or 150% MSRP

Maintenance Programs

The pre-sold maintenance we offer is a fully insured, turnkey program designed for dealers who are currently selling in-house programs, as well as those who are new to maintenance sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers Three Years or Six Services
  • Reserves are Set Based on the Make and Model of the Vehicle
  • Maintenance Based on the Owner’s Manual
  • Dealer Profits at the F&I and Service Levels
  • Insured and Fully Compliant Program
  • Includes Hassle-Free Setup of Sales Materials, Training Programs, Program Pricing, and Administration Tasks

Vehicle Theft Protection

If the stolen unit is not recovered within 30 days from the date a valid police report is filed (date of loss), the original dealer will receive something on behalf of the customer.

In the case of recovery within 30 days from the date of loss and sustained physical damages during this period, the registered owner will be reimbursed the full amount. This can be up to $500 deducted by the insurance company.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes Maximum Coverage Limits ($1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000)
  • Provides a Fully Insured Product Underwritten by an AM Best A-Rated Company
  • Allows Eligibility on Every Unit With No Primary Insurance or Financing Required
  • Offers Low Dealer Cost and High-Profit Potential With No Cap on MSRP (State Regulations May Apply)

Tire and Wheel Coverage

Another profitable F&I addition to your dealership is our tire and wheel protection program. It can be offered to any customer after the time of vehicle sale. Agreements that are sold after have a waiting period of more than 30 days from the effective date or 1,000 miles before any tire and wheel claim can be filed.

Features and Benefits

  • *Includes complete coverage for tire and rim repairs and replacements
  • Offers payment to customers for towing expenses due to tire and wheel damage
  • **Provides coverage that’s available on all on-road units (including trikes, reverse trikes, and the Polaris Slingshot)
  • Honors limited or full roadside benefits chosen at the time of contract creation
  • Comes with 24/7/365 emergency roadside assistance in the USA and Canada (customers will pay for anynon-covered expenses)

*Dealer must call administrator for pre‐authorization and claim tracking number prior to commencing with repair/replacement.

**In order to be eligible under this agreement, tires must have a minimum of 2/32” tread depth for motorcycles and 3/32” for all other on‐road vehicles. They should be manufacturer defect‐free tires at the time of the incident. Vehicles involved in accidents are not covered.

Appearance Protection

Our coverage offers a technology that protects a vehicle’s appearance by permanently sealing with specialized resin. This coating forms a glass-like finish and protects the unit from environmental damages.

Features and Benefits

  • Full Protection of Your Vehicle Including its Paint, Chrome, and Leather
  • Protection of Your Investment from Damages Caused by Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Insects, UV Rays, and Other Environmental Hazards
  • Warranty Backed by One of the Oldest and Highly Regarded Insurance Companies in the Country
  • Full Replacement or Repair of Any Covered Damage to Your Paint, Chrome, or Leather Seat Without Any Deductible Amount

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