Powersports F&I Training

The programs we offer at Performance Consulting Group are developed to increase your company’s profit and F & I productivity. Every vehicle dealership is unique, so we customize training and product presentations to fit your business. In our dealer development overview of effective training, we work with specific goals and standards in mind.

Dealer Development Goals

  • Increase Per Vehicle Retail (PVR) Goals
  • Update Product Knowledge
  • Implement New Products
  • Learn the Latest Sales Techniques
  • Receive World-Class Training

Significant Efficiency Factors

  • E-Contracting and Menu
  • Finance and Insurance (F&I) Training

A Dedicated Consulting Team to Guide You

Our development practices are geared toward dealership companies achieving desirable long-term results. These results-driven services aim to meet your needs by analyzing your business operations and engaging your staff in the development of efficient solutions. If you’re interested in what we offer, contact us today.